Load management compared to load shedding.
Until recently especially in the residential markets, implementation of adequately sized generator systems did not always occur, which introduced overload potential creating bad scenarios for both the generator systems as well as the loads attached to the generator systems.  This created  the need for a new electrical rule or standard which required load calculations for generator systems providing electricity to structure.  Due to the cost associated with the installation of the necessary larger generator  systems needed to satisfy this new rule, manufacturers started utilizing load shedding practices so as to minimize the generator system size and ultimately cost.  By load shedding at preset load levels, lower priority loads can be disconnected keeping connected demand to levels per the installed generator system.

Two manufacturers currently offering these load shed systems are General Electric and Generac, both have their own way of completing the task!  A simple explanation for load shedding or managed system is that they are systems which use load shed modules or contactors controlled by logic usually located in the transfer switch, to determine the amount of load which can attach to the generator.
The GE product uses an approach where attached load is measured by current; offering a more convenient generator event. Modules can be installed on generally larger appliances, (ovens, cooktops, electric furnaces, air conditioning), and these appliances are assigned priority levels.  The individual module load characteristics are saved in memory so that the load management controller only sheds the modules necessary to eliminate any possible overload situation.  This method offers very little inconvenience, even for larger structures.  Priority levels can be set for each appliance and customized anytime for the way you use your home or business.  A unlimited amount of appliances can be managed with the GE product.
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